25th anniversary

Anniversary year 2017

Last year it was the 25th anniversary of the Voralpen-Express. More information here:

Back then, the route was already seen as an important link to Canton Ticino...

It was 31 May 1992. That Sunday saw the first train make the journey from St. Gallen to Lucerne under its own name: the Voralpen-Express. 

The route in those days was already considered a handy way of reaching the Ticino, as it links Eastern with Central Switzerland. Today, 25 years on, the Voralpen-Express line is an integral part of the country’s rail network. There’s a good reason for that: anyone who’s travelled on this popular line knows that it’s not only the quickest, but also one of the most scenic gateways to the Ticino. Setting off from St. Gallen, the train soon crosses what is, at 99 metres, Switzerland’s tallest railway via-duct. The journey then leads through the undulating Toggenburg countryside towards Rapperswil and views of the Lake Zurich basin. After that, making its way over the Rothenthurm moorland plateau, the train heads for Lucerne – a city that invites visitors to play along while admiring Lake Lucerne and views of Mt. Pilatus.


  • 1946: direct line between Romanshorn and Lucerne
  • 1992: trains start running under the Voralpen-Express banner
  • 1995: the Voralpen-Express becomes an hourly service
  • 1997: first use of Revvivo carriages in the Voralpen-Express
  • 2002: merger of BT and SOB to create Schweizerische Südostbahn AG
  • 2013: the Voralpen-Express starts running between St. Gallen and Lucerne
  • 2013: the Südostbahn becomes sole operator of the Voralpen-Express
  • 2017: 25th anniversary of the Voralpen-Express
  • 2019: roll-out of brand new trains for the Voralpen-Express