Buffet car offer

Buffet car offer on the Voralpen-Express

During the journey we're also there to look after you. A buffet car with food and refreshments is available on all Voralpen-Express trains, with a continually updated catering offer. Two new, modern vending machines dispensing hot and cold drinks and a range of snacks are available for a self-service option whenever you feel hungry and/or thirsty.

Food and beverages         Coffee range            
Haribo Goldbären Espresso
Kambly Bretzeli Coffee
TobleroneCoffee with sugar
Zweifel paprika hhipsCoffee with milk
Zweifel peanutsCoffee with milk and sugar
Kägi fretCappuccino without sugar
Ovomaltine chocolateCappuccino with sugar
Maltesers Caotina
KnoppersLemon tea
Kit Kat Bouillon
Kinder BuenoHot water
Linzer cake
range of softdrinks