Eleven of the best

Eastern Switzerland’s best sights in three days

Discover our latest offer: Top Highlights featuring Eastern Switzerland’s eleven best sights. 

From an elevation of just under 400  metres on Lake Zurich to over 2 500  metres on the Säntis, we’ll show you the amazing variety of Eastern Switzerland. Climb aboard our Voralpen-Express and let us chauffeur you around the top sights for three days. 

Day 1: St.Gallen–Lucerne, Voralpen-Express

The adventure begins as you make your way to St.Gallen in Eastern Switzerland. On arrival you should visit the Abbey Precincts – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and its centrepiece, the Abbey Library, one of the oldest and most beautiful institutions of its kind in the world. Once on board the 1st class Voralpen-Express panorama coach, you soon find yourself crossing the River Sitter no fewer than 99 metres up on Switzerland's tallest viaduct. The train wends its way through the pristine hills of the Appenzell and Toggenburg regions before arriving in Rapperswil, a town famous for its roses. It's well worth taking a break here for a stroll along the lakeside or the fine views from the castle. Your journey then continues over the mystical upland moor landscape of Rothenthurm and past Lakes Zug and Lucerne to the town of Lucerne itself. 

Highlights Day 1

  • St.Gallen Abbey Precincts with Abbey Library
  • St.Gallen Abbey
  • 99 m-tall Sitter Viaduct (Switzerland's tallest railway bridge)
  • Rapperswil, famous for its roses and its castle
  • Chapel Bridge, Lucerne 



Day 2: Speicher–Säntis–Appenzell

A day of climatic contrasts. You’ll travel on the Voralpen-Express from St.Gallen to Herisau, after which there’s a trip to Schwägalp. A brief ascent on the aerial cableway finds you at an elevation of more than 2 500 metres on the Säntis, where snow can remain on the ground until high summer. Alternatively, we offer a trip to the revolving restaurant on the Hoher Kasten. On the return trip to St.Gallen, why not pay a visit to the delightful, superbly preserved village of Appenzell. Its picturesque alleys are home to little shops, local crafts and living traditions. In no time at all you’re back in Speicher (AR), where you’re staying another night in the same guesthouse.

Highlights Day 2

  • Trip through the Appenzell
  • Säntis with views of 1 000 peaks
  • Appenzell village featuring arts, crafts and traditions




Day 3: Speicher–Stein am Rhein–Schaffhausen

Following a hearty breakfast and a final stroll through the Old Town of St.Gallen, it’s time to board the train for Lake Constance and Stein am Rhein – a village well worth seeing. With its beautiful facades and favoured location, it has the feel of an open-air museum. Treat yourself to a coffee in the pedestrian zone or by the river. Then board the boat for the two-hour trip down the tranquil Rhine to Schaffhausen. Two of the sights worth taking in here are the Munot fortress and its views over the whole town, and the Rhine Falls, which are no great distance away – the spectacle of unbridled power has to be seen to be believed! Booking an extra night in Schaffhausen is certainly worth considering. This marks the end point of the tour. As you make your way home, you’ll have many fond memories of all the highlights you experienced.

Highlights Day 3

  • Stein am Rhein with its picturesque houses
  • Boat trip from Stein am Rhein to Schaffhausen
  • Munot in Schaffhausen
  • Rhine Falls 





Hotel Krone in Speicher 

Prices (All prices in Swiss francs)

Price includes the following:

  • Rail travel from home in Switzerland to Rapperswil 
  • Rail travel on the Voralpen-Express in 1st class
  • Tour of the Abbey Library in St.Gallen 
  • Public transport to Schwägalp and back via Appenzell 
  • Trip up the Säntis or to the revolving restaurant on the Hoher Kasten 
  • Public transport from Speicher (Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden) to Stein am Rhein 
  • Boat trip from Stein am Rhein to Schaffhausen 
  • Travel from Schaffhausen to home – Overnight stays in the Gasthaus Krone in Speicher including breakfast

Valid from 14 April to 15 October 2017 except from 23 July to 6 August 2017.

Price per person double roomsingle room
4-star hotel Krone Speicher CHF 395.–*CHF 445.–*
*based on Half-Fare Travelcard, 2nd class   
Rail supplements/reductions   
1st class with Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 40.– 
2nd class without Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 53.– 
1st class without Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 130.– 
2nd class with GA travelcard 2nd class - CHF 57.– 
1nd class with GA travelcard 2nd class - CHF 15.– 
2nd class with GA travelcard 1st class - CHF 57.– 
1nd class with GA travelcard 1st class - CHF 57.–  

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