Great Swiss Express Adventure

Great Swiss Express Adventure

Enjoy our exclusive offer: Great Swiss Express Adventure gives you the best express connections in Switzerland. The tour features the Voralpen-Express, the Bernina Express, and the Glacier Express section between St. Moritz and Chur. 

The tour also includes a high-speed trip to the south through the new Gotthard Base Tunnel. 

Day 1: St.Gallen–Lugano, Voralpen-Express & new Gotthard Base Tunnel

The adventure begins as you make your way to St.Gallen in Eastern Switzerland. On arrival you should visit the Abbey Precincts – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and its centrepiece, the Abbey Library, one of the oldest and most beautiful institutions of its kind in the world. Once on board the 1st class Voralpen-Express panorama coach, you soon find yourself crossing the River Sitter no fewer than 99 metres up on Switzerland's tallest viaduct. The train wends its way through the pristine hills of the Appenzell and Toggenburg regions before arriving in Arth-Goldau. Then after a dash through the 57 km Gotthard Basis Tunnel, you’ll soon be arriving on the shores of Lake Lugano.

Highlights Day 1

  • St.Gallen Abbey Precincts with Abbey Library
  • St.Gallen Abbey
  • 99 m-tall Sitter Viaduct (Switzerland's tallest railway bridge)
  • Rapperswil, famous for its roses and its castle
  • World’s longest railway tunnel 




Day 2: Lugano–Tirano–St. Moritz, Bernina Express

Today sees a change in the climatic conditions as you travel by road along Lake Como and its Mediterranean ambience into the Valtellina region of Italy, renowned for its many vineyards, to Tirano, the southern terminus of the Bernina Express. Once aboard, the famous Brusio spiral viaduct is the first highlight you negotiate. As the train continues its steady ascent, the views on either side change by the minute. At an altitude of 2,253 m, the Ospizio Bernina is the highest point of your excursion, and the climate is quite different to what it was a few hours ago, too. Glance over at Piz Bernina (4,049 m) before you end this leg of the journey in cosmopolitan St. Moritz.

Highlights Day 2

  • Valtellina with its many vineyards
  • Brusio spiral viaduct
  • Alp Grüm on the Bernina Express route
  • Morteratsch Glacier with Piz Bernina (4,049 m)
  • Leaning Tower of St. Moritz 




Day 3: St. Moritz–Chur, Glacier Express (Route)

Having spent the night in the alpine air of the Engadine, why not enjoy a walk to Lake Staz (40 minutes from the station). Breath in the fresh pine-scented air before taking the train through the "Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes" UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Landwasser Viaduct is truly awesome, with the line navigating the wild Schin Gorge to reach Chur, the capital of Canton Graubünden. Savour a coffee in one of the numerous cafés as you take stock of the past four days' events. You're sure to remember this trip long after you return home. We leave you to make your way back home from Chur.

Highlights Day 3

  • Lake Staz, St. Moritz
  • Albula spiral tunnels
  • Landwasser Viaduct 
  • Schin Gorge
  • Chur, Switzerland's oldest town (5,000 years) 

Hotels (Examples)


  • 3-star hotel: Continental Park
  • 4-star hotel: City

St. Moritz

  • 3-star hotel: Soldanella
  • 4-star hotel: Reine Victoria 

Prices (all prices in Swiss francs)

Price includes the following:

  • Rail travel from home in Switzerland to St.Gallen 
  • Rail travel on the Voralpen-Express in 1st class including seat reservations 
  • Rail travel Arth-Goldau–Lugano and Tirano–Chur in 2nd class 
  • Seat reservations on the Bernina Express
  • Bernina-Extrabus: bus travel between Lugano and Tirano including seat reservations – Hotel accommodation in the chosen category, incl. breakfast 
  • Rail travel from Chur to home in Switzerland

Valid from 1 April to 22 October 2017.

Price per person double roomsingle room
3-star hotel CHF 456.–*CHF 511.–*
4-star hotel CHF 527.–*CHF 581.–*
*based on Half-Fare Travelcard, 2nd class   
Rail supplements/reductions   
1st class with Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 79.– 
2nd class without Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 179.– 
1st class without Half-Fare travelcard + CHF 339.– 
2nd class with GA travelcard 2nd class - CHF 179.– 
1nd class with GA travelcard 2nd class - CHF 98.– 
2nd class with GA travelcard 1st class - CHF 179.– 
1nd class with GA travelcard 1st class - CHF 179.–  

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