Service interruptions

More information can be found here: Online Timetable 

Service interrruption Herisau–Brunnadern-Neckertal

There will be  a complete line closure between Herisau and Brunnadern-Neckertal.

31 October to 5 November 2017 

Due to a line closure there will be no train service during this time. However, there is the possibility to use the train replacement busses. 

Service interruption St.Gallen Station

December 2016 until December 2017

Due to construction works there will be different service interruptions at St.Gallen station which results in a few track changes.

SBB platform and track system renewal at Arth-Goldau railway station

mid 2015–mid 2018

The SBB is expanding access routes to the Gotthard, and thus also between Zug and Arth-Goldau. A 1.7-kilometre-long dual track is being built near Walchwil. At the same time, the SBB is renovating tunnels, bridges, railway technology and tracks along the route, and renewing the platform and track systems in the Arth-Goldau railway station.

Platforms are being raised, making it easier to board and alight. Punctuality is being increased thanks to higher-speed switches. Platform roofs are being altered for the planned four-metre corridor. At the same time, modifications are being made to platform roofs and lighting is being renewed. This project can only be realised by closing the east side of Lake Zug between Zug Oberwil and Arth-Goldau.

A number of trains will run at different times or will be cancelled. Furthermore, various hindrances and changes in terms of access to trains can be expected throughout the construction period.